Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Special whelping pics

Liz Kaye has graciously shared some of the professional photographs she took during the whelp.  Enjoy!

Juliette taking care of her newborn pup
Juliette getting a massage from Nancy

Keeping the new little one warm

Looks like Red boy, the last pup born

Juliette getting some rapid absorbing calcium gel mixed with vanilla ice cream and Nutrical.  The calcium
increases the strength of the uterine contractions and helped Juliette delivery the later pups. 

Juliette and her brood

One of the last pups being born.  Juliette is so calm during the whelping process, we are able to leave the other pups in the pool with her while the next pup is being born.  With some dams, we need to move the pups into the warming box to keep them safe and out of the way while the dam is actively delivering a pup. 

Tying off the umbilical cord.  The green discharge is normal. 

Proud mama

Resting with the babies

The pups are already keen to nurse

Newborn pups

Red boy

Creative nursing by Yellow boy, an amazingly strong pup at birth.  He was
scooching around the pool within an hour of being born. 

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