Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prison puppies

Yesterday, the pups made the big move to Indiana Women's Prison to be raised by the dedicated ICAN handers.  The women were waiting with eager anticipation and proudly showed off the new puppy pen.  The pups traveled well in the car, with just a bit of complaining.  They were all able to ride together in a big crate.  Juliette approved of the change of venue - many more people to give her lots of attention.  Juli was raised in the ICAN prison-based assistance dog training program, so this is a familar place for her.  Juliette's second litter, full sibs to this litter, was also raised at IWP.

The University litter's new names:
  • Blue boy - Duke
  • Yellow boy - Purdue (black and yellow are Purdue colors)
  • Purple girl - Brooks (Brooks Institute, the alma mater of ICAN's talented photographer Liz Kaye)
  • Green boy - Taylor
  • Orange boy - Dakota
  • Pink girl - Albany "Ally" (SUNY at Albany, alma mater of ICAN's Exec Director)
  • Black boy - Franklin
  • Red boy - Wesleyan

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More weekend pics

New bigger puppy pen in the living room, litter box at the far end

Juliette is starting to nurse the pups from the standing position

Green boy coming over for some mama attention, half sister Lark
(Mindy from Juliette's first litter) looking in
Pink girl consistently is the pup most apt to be sleeping on its back

Close up Pink girl

Yellow boy being the piano man

All 8 pups outside

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Outside adventure

The pups had their first brief outing yesterday with Nancy.  I took them out today for another experience with grass, breeze, and other new sensations. 
Orange, Purple and Black

Different view
Black boy

Unidentified black pup

Unidentified black pup

Orange and Purple

Purple girl

Silly Orange boy

Orange boy being used as a pillow

Green boy

Green boy exploring

Blue boy

Blue boy

First Hurry outside

Pink and Yellow

Yellow boy

Yellow boy with an itch

Yellow boy scratching, you can see his hind foot 
Yellow boy

Blue boy on the move

Green and Red

Red boy

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A few more puppy pics

Black boy

Green boy going up and over the purple elephant.  At this age, the pups don't have the concept of going around. 

Silly Pink girl

Blue boy sleeping scrunched up next to the litter box

Red boy sleeping on the purple elephant

Coming to life

The pups have started hearing, and are engaging with the world around them.  They are actively exploring their pen, playing with the toys, and chewing a bit on each other.  In addition to the adorable puppy mews and trills, the pups are starting to do a bit of barking.  I have added a small litter box to the pen, and I have seen Pink and Blue actually go down to the litter box on their own to toilet.  Such good puppies.  Juliette is trying to get the pups to nurse while she is standing, but they are not quite strong enough for that.  However, canned food is a hit, and their systems appear to be adapting well to solids.  Currently increasing the amount fed, and will introduce soaked kibble this weekend. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Puppy close ups

Yellow boy

Blue boy

Blue nursing

Green boy

Green boy sleeping on the elephant

Purple nursing

Red boy

Red boy

2 week puppy pics

Updated puppy pen

Creative nursing by Pink girl

All lined up at the milk bar

Green boy on top of the puppy pile

Green boy and Pink girl

Red boy sleeping on Orange boy

The purple elephant has been a hit

Yellow boy on the elephant

Pink girl walking and showing off her eyes