Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Juliette does it again

Juliette had an uneventful pregnancy and text book whelp, with everything going as predicted.  Her due date was May 13, and I had guessed 7 pups +/- 1 pup.  Juliette complied by having 8 pups on May 13, just missing a Mother Day's whelp.  Juliette didn't move in over here until late May 8, but unpacked her bags and settled right in.  On Saturday May 11, she started showing less interest in food, and on Sunday ate her breakfast very slowly and only picked at her dinner.  Going off food is a very strong indicator that labor will begin soon, usually within 24 hours.  Sunday night as I was getting ready for bed, Juliette started doing some nesting behaviors (rooting around in bedding, looking for a den) and was getting a bit restless.  I had brought the large plastic dog crate in the bedroom for Juli to use as a den.  I kept close watch on her during the night since Juliette is notorious for giving little warning before she starts whelping pups.  By her behavior, it appeared that she had gone into Stage I labor during the night.  Monday morning at around 9:20 am, I saw the first visible contraction, and much to Juliette's dismay, I moved her out into the whelping pool that was set up in the living room.  Juliette would have much preferred to stay in the crate den.  Once she settled down, contractions started up again around 10 am and I called my whelper helper Nancy.  Approximately 1 hour later, big Blue boy made his appearance followed almost instantly by his sister Pink.  After that, I called the 3 people on the whelping party invite list, including Juliette's and Jammer's breeder caretakers and Liz, a professional photographer who was planning to do a photoshoot of the whelp.  Juliette graciously welcomed all the guests, was unfazed by the photography equipment, and willingly let everyone share in the experience.  Six more big pups followed in good time - a little over 2 1/2 hours to whelp 8 pups.  Once again, Juliette did a stellar job and all the pups were vigorous at birth.  Total birthweight for these 8 pups was an amazing 8 1/2 lbs. 

10:58 am
19 oz
11:01 am
15.6 oz
12:20 pm
16.3 oz
12:37 pm
17.1 oz
12:43 pm
15.6 oz
1:43 pm
18 oz
2:02 pm
17.1 oz
2:44 pm
16.1 oz

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