Saturday, May 18, 2013

5 days old

Five days old and the pups are thriving.  Most have already gained 1/2 lb since birth.  Juliette is eating 6 cups of food, her milk is coming in nicely, and all mammary glands are functional.  She has 9 mammary glands, not very symmetrical, but the pupsters don't complain.   BioSensor early neurological stimulation exercised began on Thursday, more info at:  These pups are squirming vigorously during the exercises and some are already able to scooch off the cold washcloth (the final BioSensor exercise).  Most of their time is spent sleeping and nursing.  Their sleep is very "active", with lots of jerking, which is perfectly normal.  They have already lost their pronounced newborn startle reflex and are seeming to enjoy some gentle stroking.  Other than BioSensor exercises, we don't stress pups this age by holding them yet.  This morning, I did their first nail trim and upgraded them to elastic tie collars. 

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