Saturday, May 18, 2013

More puppy pics

With it so nice and warm, the puppies sleep sprawled out around the pool

Juliette and 4 day old pups with paint dabs for ID

The pups are already strong enough to nurse with Juli sitting up

Creative nursing by Pink girl

Symmetrical boys (Yellow and Orange boys)

Yellow boy rolled over and set up this pic

Green boy.  Juliette keeps pushing back the bedding so she can rest on the cooler pool plastic.  We need to check frequently for "puppy burritos". 

Yellow boy sleeping on Juliette's rear leg, showing off his new tie elastic collar.
Close up of Yellow boy, the biggest pup.

A cute threesome (Green, Yellow and Red boys)

Close up of Blue boy.  The pups often sleep with their tongues out at this age. 

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