Monday, May 27, 2013

2 weeks old

2 weeks old, and 6 of the 8 pups weighed at least 3 lbs this AM.   Pups gained 1 lb to 1 lb 6 oz last week.  They are currently gaining an amazing 2-3 oz per day, so that is over 1 lb of net litter weight gain per day that Juliette is supporting - that is a lot of calories!  Juliette is chowing down on 8 cups of kibble, plus a hard boiled egg and some chicken scraps, and is always eager for her next meal.  Yesterday, I updated the puppy collars to their first set of snap collars.  All the pups except for big boy Yellow have their eyes open.  Finishing up with BioSensor tomorrow - yeah!   I have added the low half gate to the puppy pen, and Juliette is already fine with the other dogs coming and going into the pen.  I also added some stuffed animals to the pen, so more environmental enrichment.  For lunch, the pups got their first bite of canned food - all except Green boy approved. 

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