Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prison puppies

Yesterday, the pups made the big move to Indiana Women's Prison to be raised by the dedicated ICAN handers.  The women were waiting with eager anticipation and proudly showed off the new puppy pen.  The pups traveled well in the car, with just a bit of complaining.  They were all able to ride together in a big crate.  Juliette approved of the change of venue - many more people to give her lots of attention.  Juli was raised in the ICAN prison-based assistance dog training program, so this is a familar place for her.  Juliette's second litter, full sibs to this litter, was also raised at IWP.

The University litter's new names:
  • Blue boy - Duke
  • Yellow boy - Purdue (black and yellow are Purdue colors)
  • Purple girl - Brooks (Brooks Institute, the alma mater of ICAN's talented photographer Liz Kaye)
  • Green boy - Taylor
  • Orange boy - Dakota
  • Pink girl - Albany "Ally" (SUNY at Albany, alma mater of ICAN's Exec Director)
  • Black boy - Franklin
  • Red boy - Wesleyan

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  1. I think we were lucky enough to adopt BLUE from ICAN. His medical records from Eagle Creek vet in Indy show his DOB as 05/13 and he looks like Blue. He came to us named Stewart for the Tony Stewart Foundation with a blue collar. He looks better now in a nice brown Coach leather collar and he is the apple of our eye. Id love to confirm his parents and a couple more baby pics. He came to us at 18 months of age and he is my source of joy as our 4th boy in a row for 20 years.